GreenPan 12 Piece Rio Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

GreenPan 12 Piece Rio Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set

Sautéing is one of the most common cooking techniques.  i Even those who do not have much culinary knowledge and experience can still make awesome dishes with just this simple technique.

This is why a sauté pan is almost a necessity in the kitchen. While chefs and people with  culinary background know the difference between a sauté pan and other similar cooking tools, such as skillet, the  housewives know it by experience.

Yet, sometimes, these two get interchanged.

But why worry about the technicalities when you can have an entire set of cookware that you can use alternatively? GreenPan 12 Piece Rio Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware Set is generally designed for housewives who have a knack for cooking and preparing meals that are beyond ordinary.

It is one thing to cook a meal for the family, quite another to make sure that every meal is something they’d have trouble forgetting. With this cookware set, you are one step closer to becoming a super mom.

Key features

Durability and proper heat distribution are just two of the characteristics that a sauté pan must have. These and more are what the GreenPan 12 Piece Rio Ceramic Non-stick cookware set possesses, making it one of the most popular items on product review sites. Here’s a list of its features that you will surely find interesting:

  • Even heat distribution
  • Perfect frying results using less oil with Thermolon ceramic non-stick property
  • Phenolic handle for a safe and comfortable grip
  • Tempered glass lid allows monitoring of cooking progress
  • Easy pouring with its drip-free edge
  • Easy cleaning


A lot of good things can be said about the GreenPan cookware set but the highlight of this product is of course its thick aluminum base designed for fast and even distribution of heat. This feature makes it really fast and easy to prepare meals.

There’s also an added feature that lets you use less fats and oils – something the people looking for a healthy lifestyle will definitely love.

Its design is intended for easy cooking which is made possible by its drip-free edges.

Thermolon makes this product even more compelling by creating a non-stick cooking base for the food, making use of lower heat settings as compared to traditional non-stick coating. And if that’s not enough to convince you to buy this set, the fact that the set has 12 cookware items will surely convince you.


Another set of similar nature is Tfal E918SC, which includes not only pans and pots but a solid spoon and spatula as well. It is a product that can be placed side by side with the Greenpan 12 piece Rio Ceramic Nonstick cookware set.

Both have almost the same features but they differ significantly in pricing. Greenpan is almost 50% more expensive than Tfal E918SC.


There are many things you can buy for $149.99 but certainly not 12 pieces of cookware that has great properties and impressive features – they usually come in prices around 200 dollars. .

Considering the features of the Greenpan nonstick cookware set, it is indeed a pretty good deal. Aside from the fact that the set is very functional, it also has a neat and clean design which makes it an excellent addition to your kitchen.


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